Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kynzie on trampoline

Well I always give updates on Maddie's dance and gymnastics but Kynzie cannot be left out either. She is constantly watching Maddie and trying to mimic everything she does. Here lately, every day when we get home from work and school, Kynzie runs upstairs to put on one of Maddie's old dance outfits and ballet shoes that she has outgrown. She then comes downstairs and dances, twirls and flips around the house. She is also watching Maddie's every move on that trampoline and I sometimes I wonder if that girl has any fears.

Maddie's Dance

Maddie's dance session has come to an end for the school year. She did not do the dance recital this Spring because I knew that she would be too shy to peform on stage in front of hundreds of people. However, she did make it to almost every dance class this year and she did a great job. She is just a natural when it comes to dancing. I hope that the stage fright will go away as she gets older so she can one day do the recitals and show off all of her hard work. She started the summer session last week and they are doing The Wizard of Oz at their summer recital. I doubt that she will participate in this as well but she is practicing for the part of one of the munchkins.

Practicing in front of the mirrors in our bedroom

Another birthday celebration

Well I think it is official that somehow the entire month of April has been declared Maddie's birthday! The celebrations began back on April 4th, the FIRST weekend of the month when we were in Kinsley for Easter. Maddie got to open up birthday presents from Uncle Jamie and Aunt Amber, Aunt Tammy and Uncle Monty, Grandma Tootie and Grandpa Debbie and Granpa Joe. Then the weekend before her birthday she got to have two friends come with her to celebrate her birthday in Kansas City. Then on her actual birthday, she got to open presents from us and see her grandma Alice. Now...the weekend after her birthday and the LAST weekend of the month, we were still celebrating her birthday. This time, she got a big surprise visit from Grandma Brenda, Coco, Uncle Tyson, Aunt Katie and Kali! I'm not sure if she was more excited about seeing and holding Kali or getting to open more presents. Maddie was so good with Kali and wanted to hold her and kiss her every chance she got.

Trying to get all three to look at me was nearly impossible.

Maddie giving Kali one of many kisses. She desperately wants me to have a baby

The girls cuddling up to Kali

Maddie's Birthday DAY

Maddie had a great actual birthday day. I made her her favorite chocolate chip waffles and dropped her off at school. Grandma Alice decided to surprise her by coming up in time to pick her up for school. Maddie was so surprised to see her and then she had to give her a tour of her entire school. We all went out to dinner that night and got Maddie an icecream cake from DQ.

I like how Maddie's licks the candles and then sticks them back in the cake. I never even noticed that until I was watching it on video. Nice!