Friday, October 30, 2009

Grandparent's Weekend

Two weekends ago, the girls had both sets of grandparents come up. On Friday, Coco and Grandma Brenda came up and took us all out to eat Chineese. We found out the hard way that Maddie is allergic to shellfish after Matt had her touch the peel and eat shrimp that he was eating. Luckily she just swelled up but didn't have any further reactions. We had to give her some children's benadryl to help the swelling in her eyes go away. Poor girl is going to be allergic to everything. On Saturday, the grandparents got to take the girls to Boo at the Zoo in Topeka and mom and dad got to stay home. Well, mom got to stay home. Matt went to work all afternoon. It was nice to do nothing all day. I got all caught up on my tv shows, went for a run, went to the store, did a little cleaning and laundry. Makes me sad that we don't have family closer so we can do that more often. The girls had a blast at the zoo and park. I'm sure they were spoiled rotten but at least there were no tears, with the exception of Kynzie wanting to cross the street by herself.

On Sunday, grandma Debbie and grandpa Joe stopped by on their way home from the K-State game. It was a short stay but we went out to eat lunch at Coach's. When they were ready to leave, so was Kynzie. I really think she would have left with them and been totally okay with it if we would have let her. She cried to grandma Debbie and said "Me, Me" as she touched her chest which means take me take me. Maybe someday soon she can go visit the grandparents. Not sure Maddie would be up for an overnight visit though.

Maddie's Class Pumpkin Patch Trip

Last Thursday I got to go out to the Pumpkin Patch with Maddie and her class. I drove two of her friends out there as well. It was really muddy because it had rained all day on Wednesday but the class still had fun. They played on the hay, listened to the lady talk about pumpkins then they each got to pick out their own pumpkin. Before we left, the kids sat in the tent and ate a snack. I think the girls had fun. They were all talking about the movie they got to watch in the van on the way out there!

Sitting in a circle listening the the lady talk

Maddie and Dylan picking out their pumpkins

3 Little friends

One of the girls found a rolly polly and of course Maddie had to hold it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Push ups

Maddie is always interested in what Matt and I do at our jobs. Every evening we ask her how her day was at school and she has since started asking us how our day was at work. Matt likes to mess with her and go into some long lengthy topics about what he did with his students that day and what the benefits were and so on and so on. He has talked to her about physical activity and different exercises and she likes to do them. One thing she really likes is doing push ups. Matt has taught her the proper way to do a push up and she is actually very good at them. We always joke that we hope no one is driving by our house when Matt has Maddie in our kitchen floor doing push ups. Well, on Monday night at gymnastics, Maddie finally got to put her skills to the test. The instructors were doing skills tests with the girls and the very first test was to see how many push ups each of the girls could do. Maddie got down and started doing them and the instructors looked at each other and said, "wow she knows how to do a real push up." Maddie kept going after the other girls could only do a half of one. She got to ten and kind of looked up at them as if she was bored and they said, you can stop now Maddie. I really think she would have kept going though. The next skills test was sit ups. Again, Maddie just kept doing them until the others girls were done and the instructors finally told her she could stop again. She got to 20. Then they did wall sits and she got to 32 seconds and I think she became bored and wanted to move on so she stood up. The other girls were just standing there watching her. Each week she continues to improve at gymnastics and is really loving it. They announced on Monday that there will be an in house gymnastics meet on December 5th for family to come watch. I'm not sure how she will do at a meet since she is EXTREMELY shy but I hope she will get out there and try everything.

Our Family

The Girls



Carving Pumpkins

Sunday was nice weather so we decided to carve the pumpkins outside. The girls had fun squishing their hands in the pumpkins and picking out the seeds. Matt did all the carving and the girls got to color their own.

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we went out to the Pumpkin Patch with the Lake's. It was a lot of fun. We went thru the corn maze, took a hayrack ride, picked out and weighed our pumpkins and played on the haystacks. The girls had fun picking out their own pumpkin and then we picked out one big one.

Walking thru the corn maze

Hayrack ride

Riding in the wagon to go get the pumpkins

Kynzie picking out her pumpkin

Maddie picking out her pumpkin

After the pumpkin patch we all came back to our house and ate some taco soup that Heather made and watch the KU game. The girls decided that they would rather watch a movie in the office. I thought this was cute!


Maddie's school has been teaching the kids about recycling and she has been very interested in it so I decided it was time for the Holopirek house to get with it. I decided on 4 categories of stuff that we would recycle and went out and bought 4 totes. I labeled them with their proper name and pictures to help Maddie understand. She is loving it! She looks foward to taking the stuff out to the garage and is always asking me if we can recycle this and that. And, another benefit is that our trash dumpster has not overflowed this week. Here's a few pictures.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Sharing Bag

Maddie had the "Sharing Bag" today at her school. Of all the cool toys and things she has, this is what she wanted to share with her class.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pink Boots and Piggy Tails

Who is this young lady and where is my baby??

showing off the pink boots

weekend update

Well I'm tired of this cold weather ruining our plans already! Friday, I was supposed to be a driver for Maddie's class to the pumpkin patch but they had to re-schedule because of all the rain.....which is a good thing because daddy might not have been too happy with little muddy shoe prints all over the van! Saturday, we were supposed to go to Salina and meet our friends, the Pekarek's who moved away this summer, at the Rolling Hills Refuge. Unfortunately it was going to be way too cold and possibly rainy and snowy. So, we stayed in Emporia once again.

Saturday night we had some friends over. The guys watched the K-State game and then Saturday Night Live. Us girls just stayed upstairs and talked. Kynzie got her first CRUSH! She fell in love with one of the guys that was over. After laying on him and rolling all over him, following him all over the house including up and down the stairs to get food, spitting milk all over him because she thinks it's cute to not swallow the milk in her mouth, putting her stinky feet in his face and tooting on his lap, we decided that it was LOVE! For some reason, she really clinged on to him. Sorry CoCo, you might be replaced!

Sunday was church all morning and staying inside trying to catch up on sleep all afternoon. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The girls in their glasses

I was looking through old pictures and came across this one of Maddie when she was about Kynzie's age. I can't believe how much they resemble each other right down to the hair.