Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maddie's First Song

Maddie got this guitar for Christmas from Aunt Katie and Uncle Tyson. She loves it and is always playing it and making up songs to sing along. I love it! She really shows her creative side when she does this. I asked her the other night if she would let me record one of her songs that she has "wrote" and she was happy to do it. I had to hold Kynzie in my lap while Maddie was playing because she wanted so badly to play a song too. As you can see in the video, the second Kynzie got her chance to break free from my lap and get a hold of that guitar, she does! Hilarious! Make sure to turn up your volume for this one!

Date Night

Well this Saturday was date night, and it was our turn to babysit for the Lake kids. They went out to dinner and a movie and dropped the kids off at our house for the evening. Gavin brought over his playstation and him and Matt played that all night. The girls played really good together. They played in the toy room, watched a movie and ate chips and brownies and made a suncatcher. Kynzie went to bed about 9:00 pm but Maddie and Brenna got to stay up much later. About 11:30 pm, I went in our bedroom to check on the girls and Maddie was out but Brenna was still awake. I think she finally fell asleep about midnight. That was about the closest thing that Maddie has gotten to a sleepover SO FAR. She has been asking me for one for her 5th birthday so we will see! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated :)

Showing off their suncatchers

watching a movie in our bedroom

Pretty Girl

I LOVE these pictures of Kynzie. I was trying to take some after shots of her haircut and I asked her to smile and for ONCE she actually smiled really good for the camera! Such a pretty girl :)

Girl's Haircuts

Saturday was Matts LAST basketball tournament for the season in Manhattan and the girls and I just stayed home. I decided that it was time to get Kynzie's hair cut. It was getting really long and looking a little crazy. When Maddie heard that Kynzie was getting her hair cut she thought she needed to get hers cut too so I told her she could if they had time to cut them both. When we got there, Kynzie got really shy and stubborn and decided that she was NOT sitting in that chair to get her hair cut. We decided to have Maddie get her's cut first and see if that would persuade Kynzie at all to sit in the chair. But I should have known that if Kynzie doesn't want to do something, Kynzie is not going to do it. So, after about 45 minutes the hairdresser said that she could just cut Kyznie's hair while she stood up as long as she stood still. Kynzie was totally fine with that and did a great job standing there very still. I took a few before and after pictures of the girls.

Maddie showing Kynzie how brave she was to sit in the chair all by herself

Maddie getting her hair cut
Maddie's after shot is not great because they put it in a ponytail, however Maddie loved the sparkles!

Kynzie's curly locks before the cut
Kynzie standing there while she got her hair cut. Notice the baby sticking out from under her cape. She would not put the baby down....another stubborn act.

After shot. Her curly locks stayed in tact. I was so afraid they would all get chopped off. Big difference right?? Ha

Kynzie Rose Holopirek

Kynzie Holopirek AKA Titi Howoparek

Maddie's parent teacher conferences

I forgot to report that we had parent teacher conferences at Maddie's school a couple weeks ago. Maddie's teacher said that Maddie is doing excellent in school and knows everything that she is supposed to at this point. She is definitely ready for Kindergarten next year. This Spring, they are going to start working on sight words, simple reading, time and money. Matt and I are definitely impressed with the curriculum that her school uses in pre-school. It is basically the same that the public school uses in Kindergarten.

Maddie's teacher did say that the girls in Maddie's class fight a lot. They are always telling each other that you're not my friend today. I know that's what you get when you have so many girls in the same class but we definitely had to talk to Maddie about that. She promises that she will be nice to everyone and we helped her think of some things to say if girls are not being nice to her. So, we'll see how the rest of the year goes! Man, 4 yr. old drama is crazy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hide and Seek

The girls were playing hide and seek in the house the other day. This was Kynzie's hiding spot!

And this was her counting before she went to find Maddie.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I got the girls these humongus Lollipops for Valentine's Day or as Maddie likes to call them "Yellipops." As you can see, Kynzie "liiiikes it"

Valentine's 2010

I love Valentine's Day for the girls. For some reason, I always enjoy buying them their Valentines. They also enjoy getting cards and packages in the mail from everyone. Here's a few pictures from their day!

Opening their packages from Coco and Grandma Brenda

Maddie showcasing her lunchbox from Aunt Marie

Tickles and Giggles

Kynzie being "cute" so she can eat her fun dip that she got at Rita's for Valentines.


On Friday, I went out to dinner with Heather and then we went to the movie, "Dear John." It was a good movie but it was definitely no "The Notebook." Heather and I had a good time though. While we had our girls night out, Matt had his "little girls night in" with the girls. The rented a movie and got some pop and popcorn for them too.

Saturday and Sunday were very lazy days. It was so cold that we didn't even want to get out of the house. On Sunday, Maddie's friend Dylan asked Maddie to go to lunch and bowling with her. So they picked her up about 11:30 am and Maddie was soooo excited. Poor Kynzie was crying and crying saying she wanted to go. She just stood at the door and watched them drive away. I was feeling so bad for her for not being included and old enough to go. I was thinking that she was going to be lost at home without Maddie around. As we waved goodbye and shut the front door, I asked Kynzie if she wanted to go play a game with mommy and daddy and she perked right up and said "Yeah." We went downstairs and the next thing I knew she was snuggled up right in between Matt and I with the biggest smile on her face and you could just see that she was loving having all the attention to herself. She was milking us for everything and I don't think she thought about Maddie one time. Little stinker!

Maddie's night out

On Thursday Maddie got to go to a live performance at the Granada Theatre called "Tap Kids." It was about a group of High School kids making their way through their Senior year, kind of like a HS Musical. The entire performance was with them tap dancing. My co-worker Liz picked Maddie up after her dance class and took her to the show. If you remember, last time Liz took Maddie to a movie there, Maddie ended up getting sick when she got home from having too much pop, popcorn and candy. So this time, I had to set some "rules." Maddie ended up having a great time and DID NOT get sick. She got ONE pop, popcorn and some Mike and Ikes candy. A little wired when she got home but no stomach ache!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Skating and Super Bowl

Saturday Matt had an all day basketball tournament in Junction City so the girls and I decided to stay home for this one. I had heard about this beginners skating hour that they skating rink does on Saturdays so we decided to give that a try. We met Lisa and Maddie's friend Andon there. I was unsure if Kynzie would be able to skate because of the size of her foot but she was able to wear the ones that you put over the shoes. Both girls did really good. Kynzie did awesome for being just 2 and Maddie was getting braver as the time went on. When we got there, there was photographer from the Gazette that was there taking pictures and I noticed he was taking pictures of the girls. When we were leaving, he came up to me and asked for our names so I am wondering if their pictures will be in the paper. I forgot my camera so I sure hope he got some good ones :).

After skating, we went to Pizza Ranch with Lisa and Andon. The girls were great the entire time we ate, but as soon as they were done eating everything went crazy. The kids started chasing each other and laughing and screaming. I told Matt that I refused to ever take them into a restraunt by myself again!!

Sunday was a busy day. We got up and went to the early church service so we could get home and eat lunch and I could start cleaning the house. Maddie had a birthday party at the skating rink again so Matt took her this time. We had some friends over for the Super Bowl that night. The girls were crazy and jumping all over our friends and wanting to sit on their laps. Part of me is so happy that they have come out of their shell around other people (especially Maddie) but part of me really misses their shy and quiet personalities when they would try and sneak in the room to sit on my lap without being seen. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Maddie's new toy

Maddie got an mp3 player for Christmas from Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Joe. Matt downloaded a whole bunch of songs on their for her and we bought her some kid-friendly headphones that she can wear easily. She is now a typical teenager, listens to her mp3 and not to her parents! :)

Random pictures

Kynzie..........need I say more!

The girls posing for a picture

Kynzie is starting to get pretty girly like Maddie was at that age. It's all about the phone and accessories!

New Update!

Oops, it's been a while since I've blogged. Things have gotten really crazy at work for me and I have just not had time. So, here is my recollection of the last couple weeks.

On the 20th, Maddie and I had a dentist appointment and her teeth (unlike mine) are perfect and she had no cavities to be found. She did really great in the chair and was excited to get lots of goodies afterwards. I set up her next 6 month check up and also made Kynzie's first dentist appointment for the same day. I'm a little nervous to see what they say about Kynzie's teeth from sucking her thumb all the time.

The weekend of the 23rd, I took the girls to Matt's basketball tournament in Lawrence and we met Coco and Uncle Lenny up there. The girls did pretty good thanks to Grandma Brenda's care packages that she sent with Coco. We sat in the gym for over 3 hours and watched two painful games of basketball. Matt's poor team just isn't having a good season. After the tournament, we went to Cici's Pizza to eat with Coco and Uncle Lenny. Lenny had his new girlfriend meet us there so we all got to meet her for the first time. I cracked up at Maddie. When we got home she told Matt, "We met A N O T H E R one of Uncle Lenny's girlfriends today!" haha! Kids hold nothing back. We had to rush home after the tournament because our friends the Pekareks were coming back to Emporia for the weekend to stay the night with us. It was great seeing them and we went out to dinner and had a really nice time catching up on everything. The next morning, we all got up and were getting ready for church and eating breakfast. I gave Seth, their oldest son, a cup of chocolate milk and he downed it in about 2 minutes and asked for another. So, not thinking anything of it, I got him another glass. Well......that was the wrong thing to do. About 20 minutes later, he was puking up chocolate milk all over our floors. Poor guy got sick from too much chocolate milk. So their lovely plans to go to church with us were ruined and they just decided to head home. :(

Last week was a totally crazy week for me at work. I had a conference in Topeka every day. I am not really able to stay the night because of Matt's crazy work schedule so I ended up driving back and forth every single day. The conference was over on Thursday so I took a vacation day on Friday so I could just relax and get caught up on housework. Saturday night, I had an all girls party at my house so Matt and the girls got kicked out to go watch the KU/KSU game at a friends house. Us girls had a good time. I probably had too good of a time. Sunday was a little rough. It was the laziest day that I have ever had. We missed church, slept in late, never even got dressed or left the house. It actually felt pretty good.

Well, that's our life summed up in the last couple weeks. I'll try and not fall too far behind next time. :)