Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maddie takes off the training wheels

Ever since we moved here, Maddie has been watching all of the neighborhood kids ride their bikes without training wheels and she has been asking if we can take hers off. We just kept putting it off. I honestly thought she would be too scared to try and then she would never get to ride her bike because the training wheels would be off. Anyways, this weekend we finally decided to just do it. I was so amazed at how awesome she did. It probably took her a total of 10 minutes and 10 trips up and down the sidewalk to learn. After that, she has just been cruising everywhere. She is so proud of herself and she really loves riding her bike now. Now I'm sad that we didn't do this a long time ago when she was asking.

Kynzie's dance moves

McKynzie is such a crack up. She does this hilarious dance and then gets really embarrased if we make a big deal about it. This is her dancing to the birthday card that the girls picked out for Kali.


A couple of weekends ago, the Lake's came up and we all went to the new Schlitterbahn in Kansas City. We had been once earlier this summer but it was fun to go with some friends. Maddie and I even went down a big slide together.

The newest addition

The girls have been in school now for a few weeks and they are both really loving it. Maddie cried for the first few days when I would drop her off but after that, she has been doing great. We started her sticker chart again and that really helped. Last week she got her first line of stickers which earned her a special prize. We told her that she could choose whatever she wanted. I was a little nervous as to what she would choose. When it came time to go pick out something, she decided that she really wanted a fish. Matt and I decided that it wasn't a bad idea to get a little family pet since we will never own anything with fur. We let Maddie pick out her betta fish which she named "Goldfish." She loves taking care of it and feeding it every morning and evening. Kynzie has also been doing excellent in school and when I drop her off in the morning. Today I picked her up and she said, "can I sleep here tonight?" We told Kynzie that the fish would also be hers to take care of. Kynzie has also enjoyed feeding the fish, although it makes me nervous for Kynzie to be around that fish. I'm just waiting for the day for her to dump an entire bag of doritos in the tank like Matt did when he was a little kid. :)