Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend. I took the girls home by myself because Matt had other plans. Unfortunately I did not get many pictures that weekend. I had wanted to get pictures of the girls with my friends kids at my class reunion but that did not happen. The girls stayed with Coco and Grandma Brenda on Saturday night and had a blast. They went "swimming" in the hot tub and got to do basically whatever they wanted.... thank you Coco! It was a good time though and I now know that I can travel 3 hours with the girls by myself.... not that I want to do that again.

Touch a Truck and Royals Game

Things have been busy lately and I have not been keeping up with my posts. I like to try and post once a week so the events are still fresh in my head. I had my Touch a Truck event at the Rec. Center a couple weeks ago and Maddie got to come with me the whole time. Matt brought McKynzie up later in the morning. Both girls really like the school bus. They each sat in the seats and Maddie pretended to drive them around.

The next day, Matt took Maddie to the Royals game. Maddie called me from the game and said she was eating ice cream, popcorn, pretzel, etc. They were giving away Royals Build A Bears to the first 10,000 fans so she was excited to get one of those. I knew Matt wouldn't take the camera so I made them take a picture before they left the house. Maddie was NOT excited at all about wearing that blue "boy" jersey. I guess it wasn't pretty enough for her. Matt said it stayed on until they got in the stadium. ha ha! She's such a girly girl.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ever since Maddie started going to the Christian School, she always wants to say the prayer before dinner. I have been meaning to record it some night so last night I finally decided to do it. McKynzie is hillarious because first of all you can't put food in front of her and expect her not to eat it. It's like she knows that she should not be eating it but it's just too tempting for her. Maddie can get pretty long winded with her prayers and miss piggie sometimes just can't wait that long to take another bite! She also knows that we clap when we get done praying and she's always trying to clap before Maddie is done with the prayer so she can start eating again! Too funny!

Mother's Day

I had an awesome Mother's Day! Matt surprised me with a card of the girls talking on it. I also got an hour massage, perfume, and my favorite drink ingredients!

Crazy Hair Day

Last week was spirit week at Maddie's school. For crazy hair day, she had to wear her Hannah Montana Hair piece!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Matt's Award!

Matt won the Hopkins Star Performer Award on Tuesday! This award is given to teachers who go above and beyond to make a difference in kid's lives. He was presented with an oversized check for $1,000. He's already spent over half of it on a really nice bike. (picture to come) Great job hun, we're proud of you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

We had a nice relaxing weekend. It was great weather and we spent a lot of time outside in the back yard, taking walks and going to the park. On one of our walks, we were strolling along the side of the street and I am looking ahead of us on the street and what do I see..... a dead squirrel. In my head, I start thinking up this whole spiel about what I'm going to tell Maddie because I know it is just a matter of seconds before she sees this dead squirrel and the questions start rolling in. I'm thinking I can tell her the squirrel is tired and taking a nap and bla bla bla when we come up upon and I see Maddie look right at it. I'm watching her face to see if I can read what she's thinking. She turns up her nose and looks at Matt and I and says "THAT SQUIRREL IS DEAD!" And that was it, she was done. She had no other questions, no contemplations about life and death, nothing. Her comments never cease to surprise me!
Matt kicked a ball and hit Maddie right in the stomach and so she was mad at him and decided to put him in "Time Out"