Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kynzie the model

All of a sudden, Kynzie wants me to take lots of pictures of her. And she has to give me her "best smile" (her words)

Little Gymnast

Maddie is taking a break from gymnastics until after cheerleading is over but look what she has taught herself to do. Crazy!

Backhandspring and Fronthandspring

Back Flip....okay now she's just showing off!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!

And.................we finally have our first tooth out!

Tooth fairy comes tonight! Tooth is already under the pillow.

Bed Hopping

Since Kynzie has turned 4, she has done a pretty good job about staying in her own bed throughout the night but for some reason last week was a rough one. She tells us she is scared of the shaddows in her room so she wants to sleep with us. The other night she came and tried to sneak in bed with us and I carried her back to her room. I went and checked on her about an hour later to make sure that she had fallen asleep only she was not in her room. Here is how I found her.

Maddie told me the next morning that Kynzie kept kicking her out of the bed so she had to put her arm around her to hold on! Ha ha! I thought it was kind of cute and sweet. However, it has since happened again and again. Gonna have to put a stop to this because I know Maddie is not sleeping well with Kynzie in her bed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maddie's loose tooth

Hopefully before the end of the weekend I will be posting a picture on here of Maddie's LOST tooth, not LOOSE tooth. This thing is dangling and barely hanging on in there. Actually both of her bottom teeth are very loose and ready to fall out at anytime. She has been messing with them every night before bed but so far, nothing. One night back tried to trick her and yanked on the tooth and failed to pull it out. He did however manage to make the tooth bleed like crazy resulting in a big time drama moment for Maddie after she saw her blood. I'm actually a little curious how she will react when she does actually loose her tooth. I hope it is at home and not at school. Here is kind of a gross picture of her tooth after it had been bleeding.

She has her two permanent teeth coming in right behind her baby teeth so she really won't even be toothless :). Hopefully new pictures to come!

Kynzie's second day of school

This is Kynzie on her second day of school. I love how she is posing like a school picture or something. She is in our sunroom and the background is our back yard. I thought it actually made a pretty good backdrop for a picture.

Grandma Debbie bought her this shirt and she loves it! But don't call her cute because that is a "baby word" and we don't say that. We have to call her "pretty" because THAT is a big girl word.

First Day of School

I figured that the first day of school was as good of time as any to start the blog back up. My goal is to document the girl's all throughout the school year! Maddie's in 1st grade at Moonlight Elementary and McKynzie's in preschool at Gardner Elementary. If we decide to send Kynzie to Kindergarten next year, she will go to Moonlight and the girls will finally be together at the same school.

The year has started off so amazing! If someone would have told me last year at this time how Maddie would be doing, I would have never believed it. She has come so far with her separation anxiety and is just doing super. Tomorrow we are even going to try dropping off in the drop off lane opposed to me having to park and get out and walk her into her classroom. She assures me she will do it so we'll see!

Here are a couple of pictures of the girl's first day of school. They each got some new school clothes and were so excited to wear them on the first day. I had them each pick out their clothes the night before. Maddie woke up on the first day and put her outfit on no problem. Kynzie on the other hand had to change hers 3 times before finally deciding on a pair of shorts and tank top that she has had for a while. Girls girls girls!

We are ALIVE

Crazy that it has almost been a whole year since I posted anything on here. I finally feel like I am settled here between my job and our new home that I can now take a little time each week to at least post some pictures on here and give an update or two. I know there is at least one out there without Facebook (mom) that will appreciate this :).

I'm not sure where to begin considering it has been a whole year of not posting. Guess I will just start with the present and won't worry about the gap of time that has passed. That would take waaaay too much time to post pictures from.