Friday, August 13, 2010

1st Day of School 2010

Well first day of school today for BOTH girls. Maddie started Kindergarten and Kynzie started preschool. Unfortunately they had to go to different elementary schools because Maddie's school didn't offer a 3 year old program. So, the dynamic duo had to be split up! We started with dropping off Kynzie first. She woke up this morning and the first words out of her mouth was "I don't want to go to school." I thought, "oh no, this is not going to be a good morning." I finally got her excited for it though be telling her that I would give her a pop and candy after school if she did good today. When we walked in her classroom, she started to cry a little and her teacher had to give her a little pep talk about how she is a big girl and she would be fine today. Once she showed her where the babies were, that was it. I didn't even get a hug or kiss goodbye from her. About 3:15 pm, I got a phone call from her teacher and I was thinking something happened, but she just wanted to tell me that Kynzie had an AWESOME day and was very good. She even played Go Fish and won!

Maddie was the one that has been super excited to go to school and she woke up this morning saying how excited she was. She was all smiles at Kynzie's school and at her's until we were getting ready to walk into her classroom. Then she started getting clingy. I got her to smile for the camera by telling her the more she smiled, the longer I would stay :). She was okay until I left. When I picked her up today, her teacher said she did cry off and on today but not bad. Maddie promised to work on it next week. I'm still proud of her. There are so many transitions and choices throughout her day, I'm sure it is very overwhelming for a 5 year old.

Girls in front of our house

With matching back packs on

Still all smiles in Kynzie's hallway

Kynzie by her hook, she did NOT want me to take this picture

Kynzie's teacher giving her a pep talk that she is a "big girl" and she will have fun while mommy goes to work

Showing her the baby dolls

Now we're at Maddie's school and this is her look of fright before we enter her classroom

I got her to smile by her cubbie by telling her the more pictures she smiled for, the longer I would stay

Maddie's new "best friend" who we met at Meet the Teacher Night

Maddie working on her first Kindergarten project at her desk

And........this is how I had to leave the poor thing :(

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maddie's New School

Last night we went to a meeting at Maddie's school for the before and after school program. After the meeting, I stayed to introduce myself and Maddie to the two teachers and Maddie got to meet another little Kindergarten girl that will be in the same program and also in her same Kindergarten class. The girls were like best friends by the end of the night and having a great time. I was so glad to see this and it made Maddie really excited for school. I know there will still be plenty of tears but she will do great once she gets used to everything.

Tonight we went to the "meet the teacher" night at Maddie's school and got to meet her teacher and see her classroom. Her teacher is sooo nice and the classroom was really cool. Maddie got to see her "friend" there again from last night and they were all smiles and hugs again tonight. We got to tour the school and then eat ice cream! I forgot my camera but I will definitely take pictures on Friday!

Kynzie's 3rd Birthday

On Kynzie's actual birthday, we took the girls to Chucky Cheeses.

Kynzie LOVED riding that white horse!

Kynzie's shopping trip

We took the girls to Toy Story 3 for Kynzie's birthday. The girls really liked it and so did Matt and I. Grandpa Coco and Grandma Brenda came up the next day and took the girls shopping and to a hotel for the night. It was a win win for everyone. Matt and I got to have a night out and the girls got to have a fun night swimming in the pool and hot tub. Here are a few pictures of the shoes and shirt that Kynzie picked out while shopping.

New Shoes

New Shirt


We're all settling in to the new place and new town. I started my job last Monday and so far I am loving it! Matt started his job last Friday but doesn't have kids until Aug. 18th. The girls started daycare last Monday as well and are doing really well there. They both really like it but of course are still together. On Friday, they will each start at their own school. :(

Since starting daycare, the girls have really been doing a lot of role playing at home where they each take turns being the teacher and the student. It is so cute to listen to them play. They pretend that the toy room is the classroom and their bedrooms become other rooms in the "daycare." I snapped a couple pictures of them playing in there the other day but I really need to get some video footage of them playing.

Maddie always posing