Monday, August 31, 2009

Future Gymnasts

Look out Shaun Johnson, here comes Maddie Holopirek. We took the camera to the park this weekend to get some clips of Maddie on the monkey bars. She truely is a "monkey" on those things. Her strength is so amazing to us. Everyone that has saw her do this has told us that they have never saw that much strength in a 4 year old. Most girls her age can't even make it past the first one. She loves to play on them at any park we go to and also on the one that we have at home. Here's a few clips.

And then there's Kynzie! She watches Maddie very closely and is trying to keep up! Maybe gymnastics will be her sport, but Matt and I think it will be more like football!

I Like It

Kynzie's new favorite saying is "I Like It" Here's a cute video of her saying that.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kynzie's Owie

So here is Kynzie's "Owie" that Maddie has her class praying for. Poor girl fell off the slide at daycare. It looks worse today because it is starting to scab. But, you know Kynzie, barely even cried!

Maddie's in TROUBLE

Well, Maddie's back to school and getting back in the routine of things. She's at the same school as she was last year but in a new classroom with a different teacher. Apparantly her new teacher does things a little different than her teacher last year and it is taking Maddie some time to get used to. So..... on Monday Matt picked her up from school and noticed that her name was wrote on the board and said 5 minutes from Recess. Her teacher was already gone so Matt told me to ask about it in the morning. He asked Maddie why her name was on the board and she said she got in trouble for talking to her friend Addie during nap time. I asked her teacher about it the next morning and sure enough, Maddie was telling the truth. So.....Tuesday I go pick up Maddie from school and her name is on the board again. Her teacher was gone and I forgot to ask the teacher the next morning but Maddie said she was talking during circle time. So..... Wednesday I go to pick her up from school and wouldn't ya know, Maddie's name was wrote on the board AGAIN! Okay, this is getting a little scary. She NEVER got in trouble last year and her teachers have always told me how good she is and just last week her gymnastics intructor told me how well she listens and takes direction. So, this morning I asked her teacher why her name was on the board AGAIN for the third day in a row and she said that she was reading a book during naptime. As it turns out, last year in the 3 year old class, the kids were allowed to read and visit quietly during naptime if they could not sleep. Well, the rules are different for the 4 year old class. They are not allowed to read or talk to anyone. Her teacher did not seem too concerned about it and said that she just needs to get used to the new rules. Hopefully today I will not see her name on the board :) Oh Maddie, the rebel!

On a sweet note. Yesterday when I picked her up from school, I also noticed there was a column that said "Prayers" and under it were several people's names with something wrote next to it and there was Kenzy wrote on the board and next to it said "Owie." Maddie told me that she had asked the class to pray for Kynzie's owie that day and Mrs. Senn didn't know how to spell Kynzie's name. Aww, this was sooo sweet!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Do It! Kynzie

Kynzie has become very independent

Monday, August 24, 2009

Maddie in Lake

Here's a short video of Maddie at the lake!


The girls and I went back this weekend and had a great time! Saturday we went out to the club for a bit and Maddie got to practice her putting while McKynzie just destroyed (I mean sat) in Uncle Jamie's cart.

The girls got to play with Hunter and Hooper for a little bit that night. I managed to snap a few pictures of the kids playing. Kynzie and Hunter were quite entertaining.

Sunday we went to the lake with Coco and Grandma Brenda. This was our first experience with them at the lake. We all had a blast. Maddie loved it right away and it took Kynze about 10-15 minutes to get warmed up and she was good to go. Water was a little chilly but we were still able to enjoy the entire day. Got there, ate lunch at marina, swam for a while, tubed for a while, went for a boat ride, got cleaned up, ate dinner and drove home. We got back about 9:45 pm. The girls and I were both WIPED OUT!
Kynzie's first picture of the day..... not too sure about things yet.

Maddie's first picture of the day.... lovin it!

Kynzie getting used to things and loosening up.

Maddie and I on the tube!

Kynzie at the end of the day!
Maddie at the end of the day!
And a good time was had by all!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maddie's 2nd Day of School

Aww, day two of school! She looked so cute, I just had to take another picture.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maddie's 1st Day of School

Aww, Maddie's first day of school was today! She was actually really excited to go and wear her new outfit. There were no tears when I left either. It was definitely a better first day than last year!

Standing by her hook

Sitting at her desk
Her new teacher, Mrs. Senn

Already made herself comfortable reading in the chair

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Okay, here's part two to yesterday's chocolate chip cookie story. Last night, I decided that it would be nice of us to go over to the meet the new neighbors, give them so chocolate chip cookies and find out the real names of their dogs. So..... the girls and I walked over there. As soon as I rang the door bell, the dogs started barking and of course the girls got scared. Luckily the guy answered the door and came outsite so the girls couldn't see the dogs. We got the talking with this guy and he asked what my name was. When I said my last name, he asked what my husbands name was. As it turns out, he knows Matt. They went to grade school together before he moved to Scott City. His name is Samuel Barrett. What a small world. Oh yeah, the weenie dogs real name is Ruby and the other dog's name is Maggie. So, now we know!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookie Time!

Maddie doesn't start school until Wednesday of this week and her school is not having their daycare program today and tomorrow so I had to take off work. We've had a really great first day. Maddie really wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon and I thought that sounded like a great idea! I read the ingredients and thought I had everything so we began measuring and scooping. Then, I realized we were out of eggs! So, after one quick trip to Wal Mart, we were back to stirring and scooping. Here is the picture sequence. She did everything..... even cracked an egg for the first time!

Measuring and Scooping

Pouring in the chocolate chips

Scooping them on the sheets

Of course you have to lick your fingers

Ta Da --- the finished Product!
Sampling the Goods.... and they were Yummy!
Maddie was so proud of her cookies. As she was scooping them on the sheets, she was saying, okay this one is for Kynzie, this one is for daddy, etc. She even scooped a baby one for Bella and Hooper... and she was very concerned about how we were going to get them their cookies. I told her that we were seeing Grandma Debbie this weekend and we would give everyone's to her. So mom, your going to have to take the cookies back with you and make sure everyone gets one, wink wink!

Dog Weekend

For some reason, this weekend seemed to be all about dogs. Saturday was the annual Pooch Plunge where dogs get to swim at the aquatic center. Maddie claimed that she really wanted to go with me but I knew better. Even though she won't admit it, she is so scared of dogs. She seems to really like them in movies and pictures but when you get one up close to her she freaks out. We rented the movie Marley and Me and watched it for her rest time on Saturday. What a sad movie. That's exactly why I wouldn't want a dog.

Yesterday we were outside playing in the backyard and we hear a little dog barking. We looked over and noticed it was our new neighbor's weenie dog that just moved in. It is a red short-haired just like Sadie. Of course we walked over there to talk to her but she was not very friendly. Maddie asked me what her name was and I told her she could give her a name so she decided to name her "Banana Sprinkles." They also have another little dog that was not a weenie and Maddie gave her the name "Sparkle Diamond." Now I'm afraid to ask what their real names are because they will always be Banana Sprinkles and Sparkle Diamond to Maddie, just ask Katie who has a new baby girl that will always be "Bella" to Maddie.

Yesterday we decided to walk to Village school. We were just walking along when all of a sudden I look down and their is a little red long-haired weenie dog at our feet. The cutest and friendliest little thing. Never once barked or anything. Matt and I noticed it and before I could tell the girls, it came running up to their feet in front of the stroller. Next, the funniest thing ever happened and I really wish there would have been a hidden camera on the girls because it could have definitely won us first prize. First, Kynzie sees the dog and just kind of looked at it, no big deal. Then, Maddie noticed the dog and SCREAMS bloody murder. Kynzie then, looks at Maddie and SCREAMS bloody murder. Then Matt and I look at each other and just crack up. Kynzie was not afraid of the dog at all until she saw that Maddie was. Maddie was so embarrased and imediately said, "well, I'm alergic." Yeah, like that's why she screamed so loud. She was really embarrased.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I hate playdough! It's so messy and then it gets dried out and sticks to the floors and everything else. BUT, the girls really love it and Maddie comes up with some really cool creations. Matt also gets into it. Here's her latest design.... with the help of daddy! (Notice they are outside)

Lella Peenies

These are Kynzie's new Cinderella Panties AKA Lella Peenies. She has been doing so awesome with potty training lately. Now if we could just get her to poop in the potty.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stinky Booey - Kynzie

Every night when Kynzie takes her clothes off to take a bath, she runs around saying stinky booey stinky booey!

Last weekend of swimming

OHHHH, what a weekend we had! I'm sure most of you know about what happened to us on Friday night. And if you don't, I can't even begin to write about it on this blog. It's one of those that has to be told in person or on the phone.

Anyways, this weekend was sooo hot. Saturday we took both girls to the wading pool. We met Avery and Addison there to play with. Maddie is so proud of herself. She can now put her head completely underwater. She was always too scared to do it before. Little Kynzie just dunks herself in the water every chance she gets and comes up laughing and wanting to do it again. She has no fears. Sunday.... another hot day.... I decided to take just Maddie out to the aquatic center while Kynzie was taking a nap. We had such a good time. It was really fun to spend time with just Maddie and let her do whatever she wanted out there. We went from the pool to slide to lazy river back to slide to pool to slide and so on. We would go down the slide and she would say "let's do it again" so we would go down again and then she'd say "let's do it two more times" so we would go down and again and then she'd say "let's do it three more times and then that's it." It was pretty funny. She couldn't get enough. After spending a couple hours out there, the lifeguards blew their whistles for a pool break and I figured this was my best chance to get her to go. I told her she could take a shower in the locker rooms. She loves the showers in the locker rooms at the pool. I think it is because the water is nice and warm and feels good after being in the pool and she also doesn't get to take showers at home very often. Anyways, I had to explain to her what a pool break was because she just couldn't understand why everyone had to get out of the pool. So I said it was to give everyone a little break from swimming. Well..... she went into the locker room and was in the shower... taking forever and I looked in there and she was sitting down and I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Oh I just had to take a shower break." ha ha! When we got out to the van, Maddie looked at me and said "thanks momma, I had so much fun" aww, melts my heart.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Slip n Slide

They LOVE LOVE LOVE the slip n slide


I took Kynzie in for her two year check up last week and she weighs a whole pound less than Maddie did at 2 and she is a whole inch shorter than Maddie was. I just found this very interesting. Looks like Kynzie might be the shrimp after all. She's only in the 12th and 20th percentiles.

On another Kynzie note...... she has been doing really well with the potty training. Her daycare lady said that she has stayed dry at her house all day except for nap and when she poops. I'm excited to put her in her "big girl panties" that she got for her birthday.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Girl's Bedrooms

For Kynzie's birthday, Grandma Brenda got her a bunch of butterfly decals for her room to match the bedspread that Grandma Debbie got her. Matt of course went to town with these and did a great job decorating her room. He always impresses me with how good he can make everything look.

She also got Maddie some Princess wall stickers for her room.

Dance and Gymnastics

Maddie had her final dance class last night and the parents finally got to watch everything that they have learned this summer. I was so bummed because their teacher forgot to tell us parents that we would get to watch so I didn't bring my camera, but luckily Matt just happened to go last night so it still worked out that we both got to watch her. It was so cute. She did really well and according to Matt, got up on her toes higher than anyone else :)

It was Fall sign ups at Maddie's gymnastics last week and her teacher informed me that Maddie was "advanced" enough to move up to the Tumble Bee's, which is the Kindergarten class. It is a 45 minute class instead of 30 min. like she does now. They will also get to do a little more than what the 4 year old class does now and the teachers thought that she would like it even better. So, I was really excited to hear that for her. She really likes dance and gymnastics, that is TOTALLY her thing!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wiped Out!

This is the BEST! I just love this picture. After Coco and Grandma Brenda left, we layed Kynzie down for a little nap. It was already 4 pm and we didn't really want her to sleep too long or else she would not want to go to bed at night. So, after an hour of letting her sleep, I went up there to get her up........ and she was NOT happy. Then she saw her new shoes on the floor and wanted to go put them on so she got off the bed and went over there and I walked out of her room for about 2 minutes and when I came back in the room, this is how I found her! She had fallen back asleep on her floor, never even made it to put her shoes back on.
Sucking her thumb with "Kiki" of course.

Ice Cream Cake and Presents

On Sunday, Coco and Grandma Brenda came up to take Kynzie out for her birthday. Kynzie chose to eat Chinese food.......... with the help from the rest of us. After lunch, we went to Dairy Queen and sent the guys in to get an ice cream cake. After two minutes, they came out with a bunch of mini ice cream cakes.

They were still very yummy though and Kynzie couldn't get enough of hers. We sang her happy birthday and she blew out the candles like a pro. After eating over half of her cake, we enticed her to get down and open up some presents.

Showing us that she is "TWO"

Oooo, new shoes!

Chucky Cheeses

We took the girls to Chucky Cheese's on Saturday to celebrate Kynzie's second birthday. She really doesn't seem like she should be two yet. She seems too little to me. The girls had a blast. They ate lots of pizza and played lots of games! The pictures speak for themselves.

That was about as close as Maddie would get to Chucky

Maddie riding one of those virtual rollercoasters

This was Kynzie's favorite thing to do. Walk around to all the machines and put the coins in the slots.
Maddie making some music.