Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maddie's Hair Cut

One morning Matt went to brush Maddie's hair and could not get the brush through it so what does he do.... takes her to the hair dresser and cuts it off. Oh I wanted to KILL him when he called me and told me AFTER he had already did it. He told me it was just a trim, maybe one inch. I knew better because he had been talking about getting her hair cut short for a while now. During the school year, Matt does not see the girls in the morning so I am always the one to get them ready and do their hair. This summer, he has been the one to get them up and ready. Apparantly he can't take it, so what does he do? Takes her to the hair dresser and has 5 inches cut off! Good thing she is so darn cute and it does look cute on her. I still prefer it long though I do admit it has been a lot easier to brush and Maddie really likes it and that is the important thing.

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