Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kynzie's Potty Training Experience

Well, I had last week all planned out one way but Kynzie had plans of her own. On Tuesday evening, the girls and I were supposed to go back home for a couple of days. I had Wednesday off because of Veteran's Day and I had taken a vacation day on Thursday. Unfortunately Kyzie decided to get sick right before we were ready to leave. This changed our plans for the rest of the week but it actually ended up being a good thing. I got to stay home with both girls on Wednesday and lounge around the house. That evening I got the brave idea that I would start potty training Kynzie since I was planning on staying home with her on Thursday without any other distractions in the house. So......Thursday morning came and we took Kynzie's soggy diaper off for the last time and waved bye bye to it. Took Maddie to school and came back home and got into major potty training mode. Basically for the next 4 days, we ate, slept and breathed potty training. I am SOOO happy to report by Sunday evening, she was accident free, telling us everytime she needed to go and had even pooped in the potty. On Saturday I finally got brave and ventured out of the house with her to Matt's basketball tournament. She did awesome. I had to take her to the bathroom at every halftime and in between games but she stayed dry the entire time. Saturday night, Matt and I had a date night and some of our friends came over to watch the girls. I was a little nervous about leaving her with someone else because I didn't know if she would tell them when she had to go or not. But, she did really well and stayed dry all evening just having one incident right before bed but I think that was because she had on a pullup and not her big girl panties. She still has to wear pullups at night and naptime but during the day, she is only in big girl panties and she loves it! I think that that was the one thing that really seemed to help her because she HATES to be wet and she could actually feel her potty with the big girl panties on. The pullups and diapers would just soak it up and it didn't seem to bother her.

The one thing that had me a little worried was that since we had started the whole potty training business, she had not pooped. I would catch her trying to go a couple of times and run her to the potty but then she would never go. It had been about 6 days since she went poop. I was afraid she was going to make herself really constipated so on Saturday I started giving her some miralax. Sunday evening, it finally kicked in. I knew she had to go so I took her and set her on the small potty and we started reading books, I told her I was going to leave the room to go get some more books and while I was gone, she POOPED!!! She was sooo proud of herself and she just kept staring at it saying "BIIIIG POOP!"

Monday was her first day back to daycare and her first day in big girl panties at daycare. I was a little nervous not knowing if she would do as good for Rita as she had been doing for me. I gave her a pep talk before I left and told her that she must tell Rita when she needs to go potty. She said okay and said, "I big girl." About 3 pm, the curiousity had gotten the best of me and I had to call Rita and ask how she was doing. Rita said, so far so good! She ended up staying dry all day. When I picked her up at the end of the day, she was still in the same big girl panties as that morning. I am so proud of her......and myself, ha ha!!

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