Monday, November 9, 2009

Maddie's night at the movies

Last Thursday one of my co workers asked me if she could take Maddie to a movie at the Granada Theatre. They show classic movies there on certain nights and they were showing "It's a White Christmas." I told her that I would ask Maddie if she wanted to go and then let her know. I asked Maddie and surprisingly she was very excited. I told her she could have some pop and popcorn if she was a good girl for Liz. Liz met us at Maddie's dance studio that night and when she was done with her class, her and Liz headed to the movie. At about 9:45 pm, they finally got home. Maddie was still very excited and said she had a great time. She was bouncing off the walls and then Liz told me what she ate. 1 Full Box of Popcorn, 1 1/2 Root Beers, and a Bag of Skittles!! All was well when she went to bed. However, about 1:30 am in the morning, I was awakened by the splattering sound of vomit on my bedroom carpet. This was followed by a very bad night of puking until about 5:30 am. Matt and I don't give the girls a lot of pop and other junk food and she clearly had had waaaaaay too much of it that night. After she got it all out of her tummy, she felt fine and even went to school that day.

I should note.....Liz does not have any kids!! ha ha

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