Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well I feel like we are finally totally settled in Gardner and getting used to our new place and our new town. From what we've experienced so far, it's like we've landed right in the middle of some make believe town in a movie. Everything is just so perfect. It's all very new, new houses, new schools, new buildings, new sidewalks and trails, new streets, just new everything. We are definitely going to have fun house hunting in this many options! And the best part about this town is we are 3 miles from all the shopping and dining you could ask for.

I've got the girls enrolled in their schools for next year. Maddie will be attending Moonlight Elementary which is very close to where we live. Kynzie will be going to Madison Elementary to an all day 3 yr. old program. Both girls will be doing the schools before and afterschool program as well. Matt and I will both start our new jobs on August 2nd so there are two weeks where we had to find daycare for the girls before their schools started. I found a daycare center very close to our house that they will be going to. The cool thing about this center is that every other Friday they do late nights where parents can drop their kids off from 6 pm to midnight and have a date night. They watch them and feed them and even lay them down for bed. We are pretty excited about this option since we haven't found any babysitters yet.

Everyone seems to be adjusting really well to all the changes so far but I know these next few weeks, we still have several more big changes. We all start somewhere new on August 2nd, so please be praying for our family on that day! What a BIG day for everyone.

I still feel in limbo right now since I am still commuting back to Emporia for work. Friday is my last day! I have all of the next week off and then will start my new job. Right now, I still feel a lot of ties to Emporia since I am there everyday but I know that once I am done working there, Gardner will all start to feel more like home to me. Right now it feels like I have my old life in Emporia until it's 5:00 pm everyday and on the weekends, it feels like I am on a vacation everyday. There is just so much to do up there and of course we feel like we have to go do it all right away :). I'll be updating lots of pictures of our weekend outings.

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