Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maddie's New School

Last night we went to a meeting at Maddie's school for the before and after school program. After the meeting, I stayed to introduce myself and Maddie to the two teachers and Maddie got to meet another little Kindergarten girl that will be in the same program and also in her same Kindergarten class. The girls were like best friends by the end of the night and having a great time. I was so glad to see this and it made Maddie really excited for school. I know there will still be plenty of tears but she will do great once she gets used to everything.

Tonight we went to the "meet the teacher" night at Maddie's school and got to meet her teacher and see her classroom. Her teacher is sooo nice and the classroom was really cool. Maddie got to see her "friend" there again from last night and they were all smiles and hugs again tonight. We got to tour the school and then eat ice cream! I forgot my camera but I will definitely take pictures on Friday!

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