Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kynzie's parent teacher conference

Matt and I got to go to Kynzie's parent teacher conference last month and it was very interesting to hear what all the teacher had to say about her. Of course, we see a totally different side of Kynzie here at home that most others don't get to enjoy. She is very shy and reserved at school but is doing very well. Here is what her teacher wrote about her and I think it sums her up perfectly!

"McKynzie is such an adorable little girl. She brings her quiet disposition into our classroom and somehow calms the group down. She will do fine as she progresses through her school years. She makes friends easily and is able to stick up for herself without being bossy or pushy. The other girls all want to be her friend and she is always more than accomodating. It is her nature to be on the quiet side and she does prefer not to talk in circle unless she is really sure of the answer. However, when we are at the table working in small groups, she is very talkative and can answer most questions presented to her. Academically, I believe she is right on track for Kindergarten next year. She knows most letters and sounds that have been presented to her and her math skills are right where they need to be also. These might even be above average for her age. She counts well and her one to one correspondence goes through ten. Her fine motor skills along with her gross motor skills are good. McKynzie is a joy to have in class!"

This made mommy and daddy very proud :)

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