Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 Dr. Visits in 3 Days

Maddie had an asthma check up last Thursday and is doing really well. We actually avoided the doctor and ER all summer long. Her next check up won't be for 6 months now!

On Friday, she came down with a "Mystery Rash" on her legs and arm and I had to take her back to the Dr. It wasn't ring worm, which Matt thought it was. It wasn't chicken pox. It wasn't her exema. We really don't know what it was. She got some cream to put on it and it is looking better today.

Then, yesterday she had to go BACK to the Dr. again (yes that's 3 weekdays in a row) for a flu shot and another immunization shot. Poor thing had to have one shot in each of her thighs. She screamed pretty loud and tried to milk it for a while. She left the Dr's office limping yesterday....not sure which leg she thought she was limping on since they both had shots in them :) Matt took her out for ice cream after her appointment and that seemed to be the cure for it. Although this morning, when I was walking her in to school, she suddenly had leg pains again where her shots were! Hmm, I couldn't figure that one out :) Crazy how they can just come and go like that.

Anyways, after three trips to the Dr. with her, I really hope and pray that we are done for a long time.

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