Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday night we went to the first home EHS football game with some friends. Couldn't really tell you how they looked. I was too busy talking to people or keeping an eye on the girls. Especially Kynzie, that girl has no fear on those bleachers! And no fear about what she puts in her mouth. At one point I had to take sunflower seeds out of her mouth.......we didn't have sunflower seeds! EWW! It was fun though and we did win. Smoked the other team which was last years state champions. After the game, we went over to some friends house. We don't get a babysitter because Matt tells me he's tired and we won't be staying that long. Well... at 12:30 am I finally decided that the girls and I were leaving. Not sure when or how Matt got home :)

Saturday morning was bright and early for Maddie and I. I had the cheer clinic that was starting at the Rec. and Maddie said she really wanted to do it too. Once we got there and Maddie saw all the ESU cheerleaders decked out in their uniforms and hair bows, she FROZE! After class, we went home to get Matt and Kynzie and went downtown to the Great American Flea Market that Emporia hosts every September. We walked around to all the vendors and ate lots of junk. The girls got to jump in a bounce house and pet a horse and pony. After the market, we had to rush to Wal Mart and get a birthday present for one of Maddie's friends who was having a b-day party at the skating rink that afternoon. So we get to the skating rink and they give us a ticket to go get her skates. We walk over there, tell them her size and he hands me these plastic skates and are supposed to go over her tennis shoes. I look down and see Maddie is in flip flops! Well crap, now we have to run back home and get her some socks and tennis shoes although she probably would have wore her flip flops if I had let her. Once we got back and got her in her skates, she went out there and fell on her bottom right away. She didn't think to much of skating after that happened. The girls ate some pizza and then I asked Maddie if she was ready to get out there again. She agreed and I went out there with her and held her hand around the rink. She slowly got the hang of it and ended up LOVING it and not wanting to leave. We were the last ones on the rink. I wish I would have brought my camera. She looked so cute out there.

The rest of the weekend slowed down quite a bit and we got ready to start another week.

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