Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Matt's been working really hard with both his jobs so we decided that we needed a little gettway for the weekend. We headed out for Kansas City a little early on Friday and met some of our friends from Emporia there at a hotel. We took the girls to the Royals game that night. This was Kynzie's first Royals experience. I think they had a great time between the pop, popcorn, cotton candy, carousal rides and fireworks show at the end.

We didn't get back to the hotel till about 11:30 pm so it was about midnight when the girls finally went to sleep. Matt and I stayed up till about 2:00 am in our friends adjoining room. I thought for sure they would want to sleep in in the morning but no such luck. Both girls were up by 7:00 am ready to eat and go swimming. Before we left the hotel, we got to see little Kali (oh and Katie and Tyson too :)! They were in town for a wedding. The girls got to hold her and love on her for a while. It was pretty cute to watch them but I had to get Matt away from the baby before he decided that we needed another. Maddie was great with Kali (or Bella) as she calls her. She held her and held her hand and rubbed her head. Kynzie on the other hand was careless and clueless when it came to the baby. She did however offer her her "kiki" which I thought was really nice.

We went to the zoo on Saturday and despite Matt and I being extremely tired, we had a great time with the girls. All's Maddie could talk about was feeding the goats, she wanted to go feed the goats, feed the goats, when are we going to feed the goats. So..... we waited all day and finally made our way over to the petting zoo and who fed the goats??? Not Maddie!

Maddie did enjoy riding another carousal ride and playing in the big tree house though.

The girls crashed hard on the way home from the zoo. We weren't even out of the parking lot when they were both fast asleep. The rest of the weekend, we enjoyed being lazy

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