Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Family trip to KC

Friday morning came pretty early for Matt and I but we managed to get up and get around and leave for KC at about 1 pm. We met mom and dad, Jamie and Amber and the boys at BETO junction and headed on to KC. We made another stop in Olathe at the Mall and did a little shopping while the kids did a little playing. After the mall, we were able to check into our hotel. This is what the girls had been looking foward to!!! We got everything dropped off and somewhat settled in and decided to head for Zona Rosa for a little shopping and dinner. Wow, it ended up being dinner. We kind of got lost and then lost again and I think maybe lost one more time. Stupid Mapquest!!! But.....we eventually found it and ate at Tomfooleries for dinner. After dinner we headed back to hotel for some swimming. This is what the girls had really been waiting for.

Saturday morning, everyone was up and eating breakfast by 9:30 am. After that, it was time for CoCo Keys, NOW this really really was what the girls were excited for! The kids had a blast and I think the adults had fun too. Amber and I tried out a waterslide that was pitch black and freezing cold water. Then I got Jamie to go with me and somehow he managed to get thrown into the cement slab and scrape up his shoulder. I can't believe I forgot my camera in Emporia. I think mom was able to take some pictures though. After swimming, it was nap and rest time for the kids and Matt, game time for dad and Jamie and shopping for us girls. We decided to head back to Zona Rosa because this time we knew EXACTLY how to get there. Yet somehow we managed to get lost AGAIN and take about 45 minutes when it should have taken about 20. Shopping was cut short by Matt's texts that they needed us back at the hotel. Only for us to come back and realize that Matt was the only one that had wanted us back. Maddie quickly spilled the beans that the guys had let Hooper fall off the bed and Kynzie fell off the table. At that point, I think we realized maybe Matt was right to call us back. haha! We decided to stay at the hotel for dinner since it was so bitterly cold outside. After dinner was swimming for us and the girls and the rest decided to spend waaaaay too much money on stupid games at the arcade. After that, we got the kids to bed and guys had to have their fun at the casinos. Sunday came too fast! It was wake up, pack up and check out. We headed to Lee's Summit to Paradise Park with the girls and the rest of the bunch headed home with a sick baby Hooper. We got back to Emporia about 6 pm and managed to get all unpacked and settled in and ready for the work week ahead!

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