Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maddie's loose tooth

Hopefully before the end of the weekend I will be posting a picture on here of Maddie's LOST tooth, not LOOSE tooth. This thing is dangling and barely hanging on in there. Actually both of her bottom teeth are very loose and ready to fall out at anytime. She has been messing with them every night before bed but so far, nothing. One night back tried to trick her and yanked on the tooth and failed to pull it out. He did however manage to make the tooth bleed like crazy resulting in a big time drama moment for Maddie after she saw her blood. I'm actually a little curious how she will react when she does actually loose her tooth. I hope it is at home and not at school. Here is kind of a gross picture of her tooth after it had been bleeding.

She has her two permanent teeth coming in right behind her baby teeth so she really won't even be toothless :). Hopefully new pictures to come!

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