Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bed Hopping

Since Kynzie has turned 4, she has done a pretty good job about staying in her own bed throughout the night but for some reason last week was a rough one. She tells us she is scared of the shaddows in her room so she wants to sleep with us. The other night she came and tried to sneak in bed with us and I carried her back to her room. I went and checked on her about an hour later to make sure that she had fallen asleep only she was not in her room. Here is how I found her.

Maddie told me the next morning that Kynzie kept kicking her out of the bed so she had to put her arm around her to hold on! Ha ha! I thought it was kind of cute and sweet. However, it has since happened again and again. Gonna have to put a stop to this because I know Maddie is not sleeping well with Kynzie in her bed.

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