Thursday, December 17, 2009

Maddie's Christmas Program

Tuesday night was Maddie's school Christmas program and she did soooo great!! Her teachers had been telling me what a great job she has been doing during practice for it and how she stands up there by her friends like a big girl and doesn't cry or anything. Before they went up on stage, all the kids meet in the basement to rehearse and so I stayed down there with her until it was time for them to go up. As they were going up, she got teary and I wasn't sure what to expect. As the kids were walking onto the stage, I did not see her and I was getting worried that she wasn't going to come out. Right before they started singing, I spotted my short little girl in the very back row, grrr! I filmed a little of one song but it is really hard to see her since she was in the very back. I did get to see her face though and she was singing her heart out and even saw me and smiled and waved! The video is cute, there is one little boy that decided to be cute in the microphone as the song is starting. See if you can spot Maddie.

Maddie and her friends before they went on stage

Where's Maddie??

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