Thursday, December 17, 2009


I took the girls to Matt's basketball league tournament on Saturday in Topeka. We cheered hard, but they lost to finish in 4th place. After the game, Matt rode home with us and we ate and did a little shopping before coming back to Emporia.

That night was our turn to watch the Lake kids for the monthly date night. I decided to take the older girls to the ballet, The Nutcracker and Matt stayed home with Kynzie and Gavin and played playstation games all night. The girls and I had a great time. The ballet was put on by Maddie's dance workshop so I was telling her that she could be doing that someday. She wasn't too sure about getting up on stage but she did have a great time watching it. After the intermission, I could tell the girls were starting to get a little antsy so I told them that if they were good we would go out for ice cream after it was over. So of course, they were and we did. When we got home, the girls wanted to dance all over the living room showing off everything they had just watched. It was really cute. Now if only Maddie would be able to do that on stage. Her first recital is this Spring and they are doing "My Little Pony." I wasn't planning on putting Maddie in it because I figured she would be waaay too shy. After she saw the costumes that they get to wear, she got really excited and said she wanted to do it. So we'll see.

Sunday was church all morning and then we didn't leave the house the rest of the day :) Kind of nice to just stay home.

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