Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Friday night we got to go the the high school boys basketball game WITHOUT the girls. It was nice to not have to get up at every quarter and run to the bathroom or worry about pop spilling in the stands or who gets what snacks. ;) After the game, we went to Bruff's for dinner with friends. The girls had fun at home with a babysitter.

Saturday morning I took Maddie to a gymnastics meet so she could watch the older girls and get an idea of what goes on. I think she had a good time and it was fun to watch them do the flips on the trampoline. Maddie's eyes were pretty big watching those girls flip around. After the meet, we decided to go with my mom to KC to see Drew at KU Med. Center. Mom stayed at the hospital with him that night and we got a hotel. We ended up staying at the hotel the whole night and swimming with the girls. They of course had a blast. Kynzie had an "AH HA" moment when she had to get out of the pool to go poop. I took her back to the room and she actually wanted to sit on the toilet to go poop. She jumped up there and that was that...she went! She has been pooping in the toilet ever since! Whoo hoo! I was worried that she was going to take a while to get trained on that.

Sunday we got up and ate breakfast and went swimming again before we did a little shopping and back to the hospital to get mom. Sunday night, Maddie decided that she wanted to watch old home videos of her when she was 2 and Kynzie was a baby. That was pretty funny to watch and we realized how much Kynzie looks and acts like Maddie at that age. Wow!

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