Friday, February 5, 2010

New Update!

Oops, it's been a while since I've blogged. Things have gotten really crazy at work for me and I have just not had time. So, here is my recollection of the last couple weeks.

On the 20th, Maddie and I had a dentist appointment and her teeth (unlike mine) are perfect and she had no cavities to be found. She did really great in the chair and was excited to get lots of goodies afterwards. I set up her next 6 month check up and also made Kynzie's first dentist appointment for the same day. I'm a little nervous to see what they say about Kynzie's teeth from sucking her thumb all the time.

The weekend of the 23rd, I took the girls to Matt's basketball tournament in Lawrence and we met Coco and Uncle Lenny up there. The girls did pretty good thanks to Grandma Brenda's care packages that she sent with Coco. We sat in the gym for over 3 hours and watched two painful games of basketball. Matt's poor team just isn't having a good season. After the tournament, we went to Cici's Pizza to eat with Coco and Uncle Lenny. Lenny had his new girlfriend meet us there so we all got to meet her for the first time. I cracked up at Maddie. When we got home she told Matt, "We met A N O T H E R one of Uncle Lenny's girlfriends today!" haha! Kids hold nothing back. We had to rush home after the tournament because our friends the Pekareks were coming back to Emporia for the weekend to stay the night with us. It was great seeing them and we went out to dinner and had a really nice time catching up on everything. The next morning, we all got up and were getting ready for church and eating breakfast. I gave Seth, their oldest son, a cup of chocolate milk and he downed it in about 2 minutes and asked for another. So, not thinking anything of it, I got him another glass. Well......that was the wrong thing to do. About 20 minutes later, he was puking up chocolate milk all over our floors. Poor guy got sick from too much chocolate milk. So their lovely plans to go to church with us were ruined and they just decided to head home. :(

Last week was a totally crazy week for me at work. I had a conference in Topeka every day. I am not really able to stay the night because of Matt's crazy work schedule so I ended up driving back and forth every single day. The conference was over on Thursday so I took a vacation day on Friday so I could just relax and get caught up on housework. Saturday night, I had an all girls party at my house so Matt and the girls got kicked out to go watch the KU/KSU game at a friends house. Us girls had a good time. I probably had too good of a time. Sunday was a little rough. It was the laziest day that I have ever had. We missed church, slept in late, never even got dressed or left the house. It actually felt pretty good.

Well, that's our life summed up in the last couple weeks. I'll try and not fall too far behind next time. :)

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