Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Date Night

Well this Saturday was date night, and it was our turn to babysit for the Lake kids. They went out to dinner and a movie and dropped the kids off at our house for the evening. Gavin brought over his playstation and him and Matt played that all night. The girls played really good together. They played in the toy room, watched a movie and ate chips and brownies and made a suncatcher. Kynzie went to bed about 9:00 pm but Maddie and Brenna got to stay up much later. About 11:30 pm, I went in our bedroom to check on the girls and Maddie was out but Brenna was still awake. I think she finally fell asleep about midnight. That was about the closest thing that Maddie has gotten to a sleepover SO FAR. She has been asking me for one for her 5th birthday so we will see! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated :)

Showing off their suncatchers

watching a movie in our bedroom

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