Monday, February 8, 2010

Skating and Super Bowl

Saturday Matt had an all day basketball tournament in Junction City so the girls and I decided to stay home for this one. I had heard about this beginners skating hour that they skating rink does on Saturdays so we decided to give that a try. We met Lisa and Maddie's friend Andon there. I was unsure if Kynzie would be able to skate because of the size of her foot but she was able to wear the ones that you put over the shoes. Both girls did really good. Kynzie did awesome for being just 2 and Maddie was getting braver as the time went on. When we got there, there was photographer from the Gazette that was there taking pictures and I noticed he was taking pictures of the girls. When we were leaving, he came up to me and asked for our names so I am wondering if their pictures will be in the paper. I forgot my camera so I sure hope he got some good ones :).

After skating, we went to Pizza Ranch with Lisa and Andon. The girls were great the entire time we ate, but as soon as they were done eating everything went crazy. The kids started chasing each other and laughing and screaming. I told Matt that I refused to ever take them into a restraunt by myself again!!

Sunday was a busy day. We got up and went to the early church service so we could get home and eat lunch and I could start cleaning the house. Maddie had a birthday party at the skating rink again so Matt took her this time. We had some friends over for the Super Bowl that night. The girls were crazy and jumping all over our friends and wanting to sit on their laps. Part of me is so happy that they have come out of their shell around other people (especially Maddie) but part of me really misses their shy and quiet personalities when they would try and sneak in the room to sit on my lap without being seen. :)

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