Monday, February 15, 2010


On Friday, I went out to dinner with Heather and then we went to the movie, "Dear John." It was a good movie but it was definitely no "The Notebook." Heather and I had a good time though. While we had our girls night out, Matt had his "little girls night in" with the girls. The rented a movie and got some pop and popcorn for them too.

Saturday and Sunday were very lazy days. It was so cold that we didn't even want to get out of the house. On Sunday, Maddie's friend Dylan asked Maddie to go to lunch and bowling with her. So they picked her up about 11:30 am and Maddie was soooo excited. Poor Kynzie was crying and crying saying she wanted to go. She just stood at the door and watched them drive away. I was feeling so bad for her for not being included and old enough to go. I was thinking that she was going to be lost at home without Maddie around. As we waved goodbye and shut the front door, I asked Kynzie if she wanted to go play a game with mommy and daddy and she perked right up and said "Yeah." We went downstairs and the next thing I knew she was snuggled up right in between Matt and I with the biggest smile on her face and you could just see that she was loving having all the attention to herself. She was milking us for everything and I don't think she thought about Maddie one time. Little stinker!

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