Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well we had been torn on what to do with Maddie next year for Kindergarten. Put her in the dual language program or in a regular classroom. After ALOT of discussing and asking questions, we have decided that we will put her in the dual language program. The benefits seemed to outweigh our concerns with how she would do. We know it will be tough and probably frustrating at times, but she is a very smart girl and we are confident that she can handle it. She really is a sponge right now and enjoys learning new things so I think this program will be good for her and keep her from getting bored. The Emporia Christian School where she has been for the last two years has done a wonderful job of preparing them for Kindergarten and Maddie's teacher told me that Maddie's entire class is very smart! I'm sure it will be a challenging and interesting year but we are looking foward to hearing Maddie start to speak and write in Spanish. Maybe she can teach Matt and I.

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