Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Matt and some friends went to the Royals game on Saturday so the girls and I got to spend the whole day together. We went to the Teddy Bear Fair at the mall in the morning and got the girls and their teddy bears weighed and measured. Maddie is up to 38 lbs and Kynzie was exactly 10 lbs. lighter at 28 lbs. There was also exactly 10 inches difference in their heights. After the clinic, we went flip flop shopping! Maddie can never have too many flip flops. She is so hard on all her shoes. During Kynzie's rest time, Maddie helped me clean the entire house. She had a blast helping me out. I let her clean all the windows, dust and sweep the kitchen and dining room. I kind of felt bad but she was loving it and kept asking me to do more. I guess I'll take advantage of that while she still enjoys it! My friend Larissa came over Saturday evening and we made tacos and hung out with the girls. The weather was perfect and the girls played outside all evening with the little neighbor girl. Overall, it was just a great relaxing Spring day.
Sunday after church Matt got the bright idea to cut down a dead tree in the backyard. He wanted my help and I refused to kill myself. Luckily some neighborhood boys were walking by and Matt promised them a pop if they stopped and help him. One of the boy's dad ended up coming over and helping out as well. Here are a few pictures of the adventure!
The tree before it went down
Matt and his students getting ready to pull the rope

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