Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kindergarten Round Up

Monday night was Kindergarten Orientation for Maddie. We dropped Kynzie off at Amanda's house and headed to Village. Maddie was so excited to go to her "new school" and see everything and meet all the teachers. Well......we walked in to a packed house and she immediately wrapped herself around my leg like a little monkey and would not let go. I felt really bad for her. They had a parent meeting in the cafeteria and student teachers who were escorting the kids into the Kindergarten rooms to do some activities. I told Maddie that I would walk her down to the room. It didn't get any easier, even after we found Larissa, who is one of the Kindergarten teachers and was just at our house on Saturday. It was sad and I hope she doesn't do that on the first day of school or I just might have to take her back home with me ;). The teachers reassured me though that there will never be that many kids in the classroom at one time again. The principal said that this was the biggest incoming Kindergarten class that they have seen in a long time. We're still not sure if we want to put Maddie in the dual language program but are going to another meeting on it on Thursday. The program is very popular and it is a first come first serve basis so we really need to decide very quickly. We know several families that are going to do the program so that would be nice. We will see.

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