Thursday, April 22, 2010

Parenting Sessions

Starting last Sunday and for the next three Sundays, our church is doing an intentional parenting conference. I have been really excited about this opportunity to learn how to raise Godly, well behaved children. One of the tips that we learned on Sunday was parenting like "Grandma used to." Using the "because I said so" phrase and having your word be the only way it is. The reasoning is that children under the age of 5 have no ability to reason and you are just wasting your breathe to explain yourself over and over. Obviously as they get older, you can start give them more reasons. Anyways, I have been using this with the girls more when I have to tell them to do something and they ask "why," I just say "because I said so." Well, this must be sticking with McKynzie because the other morning she told me she didn't want to wear what I had picked out for her and I asked why and she says, "because I said so." Geez! Anyways, this week is all about discipline so it should be a good one!

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