Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ear's Pierced

Well ever since Maddie's 5th birthday when we made an attempt to get her ears pierced, she hasn't wanted to get them done again. However, Thursday evening she came home from school and was dead set on getting them pierced that night. We told her we would look into this weekend but she did not want to wait and Matt and I thought we had better get them done while she was still really wanting to. So, we loaded up and went into Olathe to get her ear's pierced. We get there and she is soooo excited. She picks the earings out (little pink flowers) and then it comes time to hop up on the chair. I can start to see a little fear in her eyes but she is trying to play it cool. She agreed to sit on the chair if she could sit on my lap so the lady got her ears all cleaned up and marked with a marker and that is when she started screaming like crazy saying she changed her mind. At this point, the lady has already gotten the earings in the guns and we have to pay for them regardless if they go in Maddie's ears or not. After about 10 minutes of Maddie freaking out, Matt and I decided it was a lost cause. Then, little Kynzie looks at me and says, "I'll do it momma." Matt and I looked at each other and decided it wasn't a bad idea. So, Kynzie hopped up there, let the lady clean and mark her ears and in about 5 seconds she had two pink flower earings in her ears and she was smiling the whole time. She is absolutely in love with her ears. She is so proud of them and it is so cute to see her get all excited when she remembers that they are in her ears. She is such a tough cookie and as Coco pointed out, she now wants to actually smile and pose for pictures. :)

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