Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maddie's first horse ride

She finally did it. She overcame a fear of getting on a horse, or any animal for that matter. Every time we go to the zoo she wants to ride the camel but then chickens out. Every time we go to the Deanna Rose Farm she wants to ride the pony but then chickens out. We have been other places where she has had the opportunity to sit or ride on an animal and she never would. Well, that finally changed a couple weekends ago when I took her to one of my classes for work. I was offering a Little Buckaroo Day class through work and the girls really wanted to go with me to check it out. Maddie kept asking if she could ride but I didn't think she actually would. The instructor was really good and she got her to hop right on and even took her around the arena several times. Kynzie would barely even touch the horse. :)

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