Saturday, October 30, 2010

Girl's Update

Okay it's about time I update again. Fall is going by so fast. We've already had a whole semester of school. We just finished up with BOTH girl's parent teacher conference's. Yes even McKynzie's preschool teacher had a conference with us. It was actually quite interesting. Matt and I learned that we definitely haven't spent as much time working with her as we did Maddie at that age. That is one thing we are really going to try and change. We both felt really bad about that. Anyways, she is still doing great in school and her teacher said she is very interested in learning so that is good. The one thing that both girl's reports had in common was that they both needed to work on recognzing when it is social time and when it is learning time. Apparantly we have the two chatterboxes of their classes. We were actually really surprised to hear this from both teachers but especially Kynzie's since she started out so shy at school. It almost made us happy to hear their teachers say that they talk too much :). Socially they are both doing great and have lots of friends.

We were out at Wal Mart the other night and for the first time I felt like it was when we were in Emporia and would run to Wal Mart. Every other aisle we would go down one of the girls were seeing a friend that they knew from school. It was a good feeling to know that they are making so many friends. The neighborhood kids continuing to make our house and yard the "it" place. There are usually about 6-8 boys out there every day to greet us the second we get home. Sometimes chasing us down the street until we pull in the driveway chanting, "Maddie Maddie Maddie."

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