Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ball Dress

This dress was given to Maddie by Coco and Grandma Brenda and it was her favorite dress for the longest time. She wanted to wear it everyday. Now McKynzie has grown into it and she loves it too! She's not quite as old as Maddie was in this picture but it fits her the same, ha ha (imagine that)! We are seeing so many things in McKynzie that we saw in Maddie at this age. I forgot about how obsessed Maddie was with shoes but it's all coming back to me watching McKynzie in those dumb dress up shoes. Every single day, the very second that we walk in that door, McKynzie starts saying shooooes and runs upstairs to Maddies room to put on one of her pairs of shoes. She litterally clunks around in them until we put her to bed that night. Then, the second I get her out of the crib in the morning, she runs to Maddie's door and starts pounding on it until I open it so she can go get the shoes on again. One morning I forgot that she was wearing them and got her all buckled up and just happened to run back inside to grab something and there were her real shoes sitting on the counter. She almost got away with it! Oh those girls and their shoes!!! I'm waiting for the purse phase to hit! That was another big thing with Maddie.
Maddie in the famous "ball dress" in 07.

Look who finally fits in the ball dress now!

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