Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teddy Bear Clinic

Where did my weekend go? I even had an extra half day. I took off work on Friday afternoon with Amanda and we went to Topeka to go garage saling (does this make us crazy)? Saturday I worked the Teddy Bear Clinic all morning. This is where little kids can bring in their teddy bears for a check up with the doctor. They take all their vitals and check them all out to make sure they are in good health! It's so cute. Matt brought the girls up to take their teddy bears through the clinic. Let's see... Maddie's teddy bear is named "Teddy" and he had an "owie" on his stomach but the doctor was able to put a bandaid on it and make him feel better. McKynzie's teddy was named "Teddy" too and he didn't have an owie but he needed a breathing treatment so McKynzie got to hold the mask up to Teddy's face and help with that. :)

We found out that both girls are still scared of big walking cartoon characters (even though Maddie tries to act like she's not and wave at them when their back is turned)! McKynzie just burries her little head. Oh girls, maybe someday they will outgrow this!

The rest of the weekend is a blur but I do know one thing. Maddie is SO READY for this coming weekend! She can't wait to have her "Princess Tea Party" with her friends. I am getting excited for tomorrow too! We bought Maddie a new bedding set for her birthday. It is all in the princess's and she's going to love it. We are going to surprise her when she gets home from school tomorrow.

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