Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Castaneda's Easter

After we left Burdett, we raced to Kinsley to go to the Offerle Easter Egg Hunt. Maddie ended up with 6 eggs and McKynzie got 3! It was a bit anti-climactic since we just came from the Great Holopirek Hunt where each of the girls got around 30 eggs. But they still enjoyed it and they got money in these eggs so we had something to put in the piggy banks when we got home. Saturday evening everyone came over and the girls got to play with Hunter and we got to meet the newest member of the family, Hooper! We actually got a picture of all four kids sitting down. I told Amber this might be the only time this ever happens.

(poor Hooper)

Grandma Tootie had the great idea to color Easter Eggs with the kids, so we got them all dressed for it (or undressed if your McKynzie) and sat them down at the table to color some eggs.

After coloring the eggs, it was bathtime and bedtime for McKynzie. Maddie thought she needed to stay up so we let her and this is how I found her and daddy!

Out like a light, so sweet! Too many egg hunts.

Easter Sunday we relaxed around the house in the morning and finished a project that Amber started the night before. We dipped egg shaped rice crispies in melted chocolate and sprinkles. Maddie got the hang of it but McKynzie just wanted to eat them all (imagine that).

We got cleaned up from that and went out to the club for dinner. The girls got more Easter baskets and more candy (thank you very much)! Maddie also got to open some birthday presents which all seemed to have a common theme (DRESSES)! She loved them all and I think she has wore every single one for at least a little bit. We headed for home around 4:30 pm and drove in the rain the ENTIRE way. We had a great weekend!

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