Monday, October 12, 2009

weekend update

Well I'm tired of this cold weather ruining our plans already! Friday, I was supposed to be a driver for Maddie's class to the pumpkin patch but they had to re-schedule because of all the rain.....which is a good thing because daddy might not have been too happy with little muddy shoe prints all over the van! Saturday, we were supposed to go to Salina and meet our friends, the Pekarek's who moved away this summer, at the Rolling Hills Refuge. Unfortunately it was going to be way too cold and possibly rainy and snowy. So, we stayed in Emporia once again.

Saturday night we had some friends over. The guys watched the K-State game and then Saturday Night Live. Us girls just stayed upstairs and talked. Kynzie got her first CRUSH! She fell in love with one of the guys that was over. After laying on him and rolling all over him, following him all over the house including up and down the stairs to get food, spitting milk all over him because she thinks it's cute to not swallow the milk in her mouth, putting her stinky feet in his face and tooting on his lap, we decided that it was LOVE! For some reason, she really clinged on to him. Sorry CoCo, you might be replaced!

Sunday was church all morning and staying inside trying to catch up on sleep all afternoon. :)

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