Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Push ups

Maddie is always interested in what Matt and I do at our jobs. Every evening we ask her how her day was at school and she has since started asking us how our day was at work. Matt likes to mess with her and go into some long lengthy topics about what he did with his students that day and what the benefits were and so on and so on. He has talked to her about physical activity and different exercises and she likes to do them. One thing she really likes is doing push ups. Matt has taught her the proper way to do a push up and she is actually very good at them. We always joke that we hope no one is driving by our house when Matt has Maddie in our kitchen floor doing push ups. Well, on Monday night at gymnastics, Maddie finally got to put her skills to the test. The instructors were doing skills tests with the girls and the very first test was to see how many push ups each of the girls could do. Maddie got down and started doing them and the instructors looked at each other and said, "wow she knows how to do a real push up." Maddie kept going after the other girls could only do a half of one. She got to ten and kind of looked up at them as if she was bored and they said, you can stop now Maddie. I really think she would have kept going though. The next skills test was sit ups. Again, Maddie just kept doing them until the others girls were done and the instructors finally told her she could stop again. She got to 20. Then they did wall sits and she got to 32 seconds and I think she became bored and wanted to move on so she stood up. The other girls were just standing there watching her. Each week she continues to improve at gymnastics and is really loving it. They announced on Monday that there will be an in house gymnastics meet on December 5th for family to come watch. I'm not sure how she will do at a meet since she is EXTREMELY shy but I hope she will get out there and try everything.

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