Friday, October 2, 2009

Last Weekend

Friday night the Lake's came over and we just ate some pizza and hung out. Zack fell down our stairs and that was BEFORE his first drink, haha! Saturday we got up and went to the zoo in the morning then went downtown to walk around the shops. I love Saturday mornings in the Fall. For lunch, we ate at a little Mexican restaurant that is owned by some of Matt's students parents. It was really good and reminded me of some homecooked food. Saturday night was a lazy night of doing nothing and it felt really good. Sunday, I had to help out in Maddie's Sunday school class for second service so we went to 1st service. After church, I went by and picked up my money from the consignment sale that we do here. I made $241.00 this time which I thought was pretty good. Monday was a BIG day for the girls. Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Joe were coming home from Branson and they stopped by to see us on their way home. They arrived about 3:00 pm and Matt immediately put dad to work on our new toy.....see picture below! Mom and I started to help until we realized that Matt is waaaaaay to picky for us so we decided to go pick up the girls. We got Maddie first and she was sooo excited to see grandma. Before we even saw her, we had three teachers stop us and tell us how Maddie had been telling EVERYONE at school that her grandma and grandpa were coming today and they were going to pick her up from school. Maddie had gymnastics that night so grandma got to go and watch her.....grandpa was still stuck at the house helping Matt! We had a great evening. Ate some KFC, played on new toy, dug for rolly polly's, watched rolly polly's crawl all over Maddie, watched grandpa Joe set the alarm off on Matt's scooter, watched grandpa Joe take off on Matt's scooter, watched grandpa Joe whiz by on Matt's scooter then hit a speed bump, played with girls downstairs, tried to figure out what Kynzie was saying......she was telling us that grandpa Joe wanted a pepsi, put girls to bed! Whew, what a night. Said goodbye to grandma and grandpa in the morning and went on with our Tuesday. Then, for the next 3 mornings and one afternoon, got to listen to Kynzie ask where Debbie was?
Matt and Grandpa Joe trying to figure this thing out

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