Friday, October 30, 2009

Grandparent's Weekend

Two weekends ago, the girls had both sets of grandparents come up. On Friday, Coco and Grandma Brenda came up and took us all out to eat Chineese. We found out the hard way that Maddie is allergic to shellfish after Matt had her touch the peel and eat shrimp that he was eating. Luckily she just swelled up but didn't have any further reactions. We had to give her some children's benadryl to help the swelling in her eyes go away. Poor girl is going to be allergic to everything. On Saturday, the grandparents got to take the girls to Boo at the Zoo in Topeka and mom and dad got to stay home. Well, mom got to stay home. Matt went to work all afternoon. It was nice to do nothing all day. I got all caught up on my tv shows, went for a run, went to the store, did a little cleaning and laundry. Makes me sad that we don't have family closer so we can do that more often. The girls had a blast at the zoo and park. I'm sure they were spoiled rotten but at least there were no tears, with the exception of Kynzie wanting to cross the street by herself.

On Sunday, grandma Debbie and grandpa Joe stopped by on their way home from the K-State game. It was a short stay but we went out to eat lunch at Coach's. When they were ready to leave, so was Kynzie. I really think she would have left with them and been totally okay with it if we would have let her. She cried to grandma Debbie and said "Me, Me" as she touched her chest which means take me take me. Maybe someday soon she can go visit the grandparents. Not sure Maddie would be up for an overnight visit though.

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