Friday, March 5, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

Saturday night was the daddy daughter dance that I put on for the Rec Center. Of course, Matt and Maddie were in attendance. Kynzie was too little. I was busy all day decorating and cooking for the dinner. I was able to rush home at 5 pm to help get Maddie dressed and fix her hair. She was so excited and had been looking foward to the dance all week. She had her dress and shoes all picked out and her and Matt had even been practicing their dances at home.

I cannot even explain how awesome the dance was and how special it was to see all of the dads and daughters dancing together. I'm sure all of the mommies would have been crying their eyes out. I was a lucky mommy that got to witness this special night. I guess that's one perk of my job! I did take serveral pictures but I also tried to stay out of the way because I really wanted Maddie to enjoy the evening with Matt and not let me distract her in any way. I had lined up an awesome DJ for the dance and he kept everyone out on the dance floor the entire night. It was really just so cute! Here are some pictures!
Matt and Maddie Before Dinner

Getting ready to get their picture taken

Taking the Daddy Daughter Oath for the evening. Matt was pledging to Maddie that he would do whatever she asked him to do tonight and Maddie was pledging to Matt that she would do whatever he asked her tomorrow!
Boogy Down!

Swing that partner round and round
Maddie getting ready to do the limbo
Maddie in line for the Limbo.....she wore that smile all night long!
Aww, dancing to the last song of the night, "Butterfly Kisses" I think every other dad was holding their daughter but Maddie wanted to dance like a big girl!

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