Monday, March 22, 2010


The girls were up bright and early the next day. This was the day that the time had switched over so I felt cheated that we lost an hour of vacation time ;). We had planned an indoor waterpark for this day so the girls were VERY excited for this. I'm pretty sure we could have done this every day and they would have been completely satisfied with the entire vacation. The best part about this indoor waterpark compared to some of the others that we have been to was they had a big hot tub that was safe for the girls to get in as well. They just think it's like a little warm swimming pool to them. They loved it.

Maddie coming out of the BIG slide (she wasn't even tall enough to go down it but Matt snuck her in)
Maddie and Matt on the lazy river
Kynzie playing in the toddler area.
Kynzie showing off
Kynzie trying to drink the water

Kynzie yet again trying to drink the water

The girls on a huge turtle in the toddler area

After the waterpark, we went to The Butterfly Palace. We watched a 3D show about the life of a butterfly and then got to walk around the indoor garden with over 1000 butterflys flying around. The girls were hilarious. They would duck everytime a butterfly flew by them. You would think they were dangerous or something the way the girls were acting. They did get into it though and even thought it was cool when one of the butterfly's landed in Matt's hand.

Inside the garden

Maddie looking at a butterfly through her binoculars

Kynzie trying to figure those things out

Inspector Kynzie

The butterfly landed in Matt's hand

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