Monday, March 22, 2010


Vacation was AWESOME! We finally got to take our first family vacation! We decided on Branson since Matt and I had both been there before and it is only a little under a 5 hour drive for us. We figured this would be a good first trip to see how the girls do in the vehicle for that long. We left on Saturday morning. Our plan was to leave at 10:30 am but a flat tire on the van changed that time back to about 11:30 am. We stopped in Burlington and ate a big lunch and we were on our way. We were making great time and the girls were doing great. Once we crossed into Missouri and got going on those narrow winding and hilly roads, it started to go downhill for me. I got extremely carsick and we had to pull over at a quick shop for a while. We stopped in Springfield at the Fantastic Caverns for our first destination of the trip. The tour included a tram ride through the mile long cave where we got to see some very unique sights. We even saw a bat as we were leaving the cave. They had a gift shop where we let the girls each pick out rocks to put in a little bag as a souvenir. I think they really enjoyed it.

picking out colored rocks

Inside the cave. I was hoping you could see the cool background but it didn't turn out

Inside the cave

Inside the cave

After the Fantastic Caverns we headed on in to Branson. We found the place where we were staying and got unloaded. It was about 8 pm by this point so we went out to dinner. This picture was of the girls at The Outback.

They had a long day and were getting pretty tired at this point. You can tell this by Kynzie's hair!

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