Monday, March 22, 2010


Last day :(. We got up and went swimming in the morning. One last time before we had to leave the resort. We finally got all packed up and checked out about 11:30 am. Before we left town, we decided to go back to the Grand Country Plaza and play some indoor mini golf and eat their pizza buffet. The girls were so cute a mini golf. They had never played before and Maddie got the hang of it but poor Kynzie was getting so frustrated because her ball would not go in the hole. After golf and pizza, it was time to head home! I took my motion sickness pills and was good to go.

The girls joined a band :)

Maddie playing putt putt

Kynzie the plumber I mean putter

Daddy showing Kynze how it's done

Maddie posing with the lady?

Kynzie playing putt putt golf (hilarious)

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