Monday, March 22, 2010


Monday morning we got up and went to Under the Sea at the IMAX Theatre. It was a great show and both girls really liked it. It was only about a 45 minute show so that was perfect for keeping their attention. After that, we did some souvenir shopping and headed back to the resort for some swimming in their hot tub. The hot tub was HUGE so it was like a heated swimming pool to them. That afternoon we did the Ride the Ducks tour. It was about a 2 hour land and water tour of Branson in an amphibious vehicle. We had an awesome tour guide that really made the time go by fast. Before everyone got in the vehicle, they give us all a duck whistle which was the most annoying sound ever. Somehow all of ours disappeared once we got back home and if anyone of you ask the girls about them, I will kill you :).

The girls and I and our duck whistles

A view of Table Rock from the Duck

A view from the water in the Duck

Monday night we went to the Acrobats of China show and that was amazing. I was so glad that we decided to go to that. It didn't start until 8 pm and it was a two hour show so it was a late night for Kynzie but she did great and hung in there all night long. Maddie's eyes were so wide-eyed the entire night. The show consisted of some gymnastics, acrobatics, trapezoids, magic show, circus acts, etc. Basically everything that Maddie loves. Plus all of the girls were in very pretty sparkly outfits which she thought was great. They had a gift shop in there so of course we had to go into it. Maddie has always wanted a chinese fan and I have never been able to find one but they had them so of course we bought her and Kynzie one. She loves it. When we got back, she took it to school and showed all of her friends.

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