Monday, August 17, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookie Time!

Maddie doesn't start school until Wednesday of this week and her school is not having their daycare program today and tomorrow so I had to take off work. We've had a really great first day. Maddie really wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon and I thought that sounded like a great idea! I read the ingredients and thought I had everything so we began measuring and scooping. Then, I realized we were out of eggs! So, after one quick trip to Wal Mart, we were back to stirring and scooping. Here is the picture sequence. She did everything..... even cracked an egg for the first time!

Measuring and Scooping

Pouring in the chocolate chips

Scooping them on the sheets

Of course you have to lick your fingers

Ta Da --- the finished Product!
Sampling the Goods.... and they were Yummy!
Maddie was so proud of her cookies. As she was scooping them on the sheets, she was saying, okay this one is for Kynzie, this one is for daddy, etc. She even scooped a baby one for Bella and Hooper... and she was very concerned about how we were going to get them their cookies. I told her that we were seeing Grandma Debbie this weekend and we would give everyone's to her. So mom, your going to have to take the cookies back with you and make sure everyone gets one, wink wink!

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