Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dance and Gymnastics

Maddie had her final dance class last night and the parents finally got to watch everything that they have learned this summer. I was so bummed because their teacher forgot to tell us parents that we would get to watch so I didn't bring my camera, but luckily Matt just happened to go last night so it still worked out that we both got to watch her. It was so cute. She did really well and according to Matt, got up on her toes higher than anyone else :)

It was Fall sign ups at Maddie's gymnastics last week and her teacher informed me that Maddie was "advanced" enough to move up to the Tumble Bee's, which is the Kindergarten class. It is a 45 minute class instead of 30 min. like she does now. They will also get to do a little more than what the 4 year old class does now and the teachers thought that she would like it even better. So, I was really excited to hear that for her. She really likes dance and gymnastics, that is TOTALLY her thing!

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