Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maddie's in TROUBLE

Well, Maddie's back to school and getting back in the routine of things. She's at the same school as she was last year but in a new classroom with a different teacher. Apparantly her new teacher does things a little different than her teacher last year and it is taking Maddie some time to get used to. So..... on Monday Matt picked her up from school and noticed that her name was wrote on the board and said 5 minutes from Recess. Her teacher was already gone so Matt told me to ask about it in the morning. He asked Maddie why her name was on the board and she said she got in trouble for talking to her friend Addie during nap time. I asked her teacher about it the next morning and sure enough, Maddie was telling the truth. So.....Tuesday I go pick up Maddie from school and her name is on the board again. Her teacher was gone and I forgot to ask the teacher the next morning but Maddie said she was talking during circle time. So..... Wednesday I go to pick her up from school and wouldn't ya know, Maddie's name was wrote on the board AGAIN! Okay, this is getting a little scary. She NEVER got in trouble last year and her teachers have always told me how good she is and just last week her gymnastics intructor told me how well she listens and takes direction. So, this morning I asked her teacher why her name was on the board AGAIN for the third day in a row and she said that she was reading a book during naptime. As it turns out, last year in the 3 year old class, the kids were allowed to read and visit quietly during naptime if they could not sleep. Well, the rules are different for the 4 year old class. They are not allowed to read or talk to anyone. Her teacher did not seem too concerned about it and said that she just needs to get used to the new rules. Hopefully today I will not see her name on the board :) Oh Maddie, the rebel!

On a sweet note. Yesterday when I picked her up from school, I also noticed there was a column that said "Prayers" and under it were several people's names with something wrote next to it and there was Kenzy wrote on the board and next to it said "Owie." Maddie told me that she had asked the class to pray for Kynzie's owie that day and Mrs. Senn didn't know how to spell Kynzie's name. Aww, this was sooo sweet!

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