Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Okay, here's part two to yesterday's chocolate chip cookie story. Last night, I decided that it would be nice of us to go over to the meet the new neighbors, give them so chocolate chip cookies and find out the real names of their dogs. So..... the girls and I walked over there. As soon as I rang the door bell, the dogs started barking and of course the girls got scared. Luckily the guy answered the door and came outsite so the girls couldn't see the dogs. We got the talking with this guy and he asked what my name was. When I said my last name, he asked what my husbands name was. As it turns out, he knows Matt. They went to grade school together before he moved to Scott City. His name is Samuel Barrett. What a small world. Oh yeah, the weenie dogs real name is Ruby and the other dog's name is Maggie. So, now we know!

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